Whatever is happening with Ghana's politics of shenanigans and shakara.

A whole generation of entitlement-politics and politicians are about to be wiped off. Its no surprise the fight is fierce and ruthless - every dying thing fights with its last breath. Just like a whole generation of Israel was wiped off in order for her to reach Canaan Land - they were a dragging baggage on Israel's progress.

Indeed these things must happen. Things may appear split between NPP -NDC right now. One and the other needing to drop the baggages of weak policies, filthy corruption, political exclusivity and lies - assign your picks to each. Either way, the papas at the top of these parties, beguiled with old entitlements, old ways of doing politics, old understandings of how the world works - seem to have clouded and imprisoned the capabilities of a more vibrant generation of globally-aware Ghanaians who are eager to see politics done differently in Ghana and development see a new focus.

Hopefully by 2020's election, the pain of letting Ghana remain in this state it has been these last 30 years, would have become unbearable enough to ALL of us, than the pain of putting aside our skewed political differences, and non-progressive ideologies around party politics and forging forward as one people - for whom Ghana is EVERYTHING.

Then perhaps, a new breed of forward thinking, all-inclusive political remnants can push this beautiful country forward.

For now however, the bitter, divisive, ethnical, uncompromising, insulting and denigrating way we seem to be doing politics all points to one thing - we are still neither focused nor ready for the future, let alone catching up.

Marricke Kofi Gane