Rector of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah has strongly refuted allegations leveled against him by the concerned staff of GIJ over the running of the Institute.

The concerned staff recently called for investigations into the conduct of the rector’s actions, including allegations of corruption.

They claimed it was running down one of Africa’s foremost journalism training institutions and wanted the government to restore normalcy without any further delay.

The Rector has reacted angrily to the publication denying any wrongdoing and demanding a retraction of the publication and an apology.

He made his lawyers Anku, Anku At-Law to write to DAILY GUIDE last Friday to demand a retraction of the story.

“The publication in issues by any legal test tends to lower our client in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally and among his peers in particular.”

The letter said, “We act as lawyers for and on behalf of Dr Wilberforce Dzisah on whose instructions we write to you. In consequences we refer you to a publication you made or caused to be made about our client at page 15 of your News Paper dated Friday 23rd June 2017.”

“Please be advised the story in issue is wholly a fabrication which facts at the time of publication were verifiable from our client pursuant to the rudiments of journalism, bearing in mind that the provision of free speech in the laws of Ghana has on flipside a guarantee and protection of the rights of our client.”

The letter said, “Our client will simply not be intimidated by any partisan political heroism deceptively clothed with a semblance of public interest.”

“The critical question is who are the ‘Concerned GIJ staff’ you referenced.”

Source: Daily Guide