National Democratic Congress (NDC), flagbearer aspirant Professor Joshua Alabi, has said God has revealed to him that is is time to take over the reigns of the country in order to turn it to the Switzerland of Africa.

According to the former boss of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, he is ready to turn around the fortunes of the country from an aid dependent country to a country which has world’s money.

Speaking on Eyewitness News’ Point Blank segment, Prof. Alabi said this reason, alongside his patriotism, gave him cause to seek the flagbearership of the NDC and eventually the mandate of all Ghanaians.

“I am a Ghanaian and I love my country and God tells me it is time for me to come and lead my country, transform it and make it the [Switzerland] of Africa. [Switzerland] is a developed country where we have the world’s money and I believe strongly we can make Ghana the Swiss of Africa,” he said,

Prof. Alabi, a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, said Ghana already had all raw materials needed to attain such a level of development.

He said all the country needed to do was to begin “to think outside the box” and “to risk and move.”

As an example, he said in the area of trade and industry, “there is a lot we can do there. We also can do a lot when we come to agribusiness and for all these, we can use science and technology to move trade and agribusiness.”

He views science and technology as the foundation of the nation’s development saying, “in the world today, if you don’t move your country or develop your country or give it a very good base using science and technology, all aspects of the economy will suffer.”

He added that he would enhance the human resources in this regard by overseeing “reorientation and offer leadership.”