Winnifred Ntumi, a gold medalist from the recent African Games in Accra, has publicly criticized the Ministry of Youth and Sports for failing to fulfill its promise of paying her bonuses.

Ntumi, who made history as the first Ghanaian athlete to secure a medal during the games, expressed frustration over the ministry's failure to disburse the owed funds despite repeated attempts to seek clarification.

Speaking to Happy FM, Ntumi revealed that despite her efforts to engage with the Sports Ministry regarding the outstanding bonuses, she has received no response.

"I've not received the money yet. We (all the disciplines) have not heard from them up till now. Sometimes, when I call, they don't even pick up. It is with the minister (Mustapha Ussif) and we've not heard from him," she lamented.

Highlighting the disparity between her current situation and past experiences, Ntumi recalled that she was promptly paid after winning medals in the previous edition of the competition held in 2019.

"It is very heartbreaking because this is the first time I've experienced this. In Rabat (Morocco), I got the money immediately after I finished the competition. This is my home country."

Expressing her disappointment with the prolonged delay, Ntumi emphasized the urgency of the matter, especially considering the significant time elapsed since her victory.

"I competed on the 10th of March, and today is 18th of April. We don't even need reasons, but let's hear from you," she urged.

Winnifred Ntumi made headlines for Ghana after clinching three medals in Weightlifting during the 2023 African Games.

Her exceptional performance, which included gold and two silver medals in the women's 45kg and 49kg snatch events, respectively, brought pride to the nation.

Ntumi further revealed that she is not alone in her plight, highlighting that all Ghanaian athletes who secured medals at the 2023 African Games are yet to receive their bonuses, adding to the urgency of addressing the issue.