We the Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives (CCNM) have welcomed the move by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) to demand through series of actions to call on the government to as matter of urgency to fix the numerous problems and pressing concerns raised by the association in their press conference dated 27th October 2016.

The Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives see the move as positive and in the right direction.

The nursing profession has been relegated for far too long and there is no better time to call a spade a spade than now!

Nurses cannot continue to work under hardship for the sake of their patients when their standard of living is poor, take meagre salaries with bleak future.

For a decade now nurses in this country have not embark on any industrial protest, be it strike or demonstration, not because they are incapacitated or naïve to carry out such actions, neither are they satisfied with their conditions of work but because they put their patients first. However, the patience of nurses has reach a diminishing return.

Nursing is a noble profession and the pivotal role nurses play in the healthcare delivery system cannot be underestimated. They save life each day yet they are not treated in a noble manner.

The Coalition of Concerned Nurses and Midwives is by this notice entreating all nurses, irrespective of the category to respect the roadmap outlined by GRNMA and act accordingly without fear or favour.

We also urge GRNMA to send memos through its regional and district branches to all hospitals and health facilities across the country to prevent intimidation of nurses by some heads of institutions.

The following are the pressing issues:
1. Unpaid salary arrears
2. Unposted graduate nurses and midwives
3. Charging of Promotion interview fee, sales of intention forms, study leave forms and upgrading forms

4. Promotion issues
5. Collapsing Psychiatric Hospitals/inadequate logistics at government health facilities

6. Second Tier Pension Scheme mirage
7. Implementation of GRNMA collective bargaining agreement (CBA)

8. Allowances of students nurses and midwives
The roadmap is as follows:
1st to 6th November - wearing of red bands
7th to 13th November - withdrawal of OPD services. Only emergency and maternity cases will receive attention

14th November, 2016 onwards - Industrial action begins

- withdrawal of all services
- only in-patients will be cared for.
Long live Nurses and Midwives, long live CCNM.
Justice Badam-Parmaak (President)
Malcolm Akatinga Ali
(General Secretary)
Emmanuel Gayevo
Email: [email protected]