William Amuna, who is the Chief Executive of the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), William Amuna, has stated that the company will start upgrading its service lines and towers from its Tema plant to central Accra later in July 2017.

This, he indicated was part of plans to increase the capacity of its supplies, and also safeguard power reliability and stability to the country’s capital due to the heavy demand for power.

According to Mr. Amuna, the project will last for a period of one year at a cost of 21 million dollars, and it is being financed by the AFD.

“All the lines from Tema to Accra in the next one year will see a total upgrade where a total reconstruction will be done. The capacity available now will be increased by five folds,” he said.

Mr. Amuna explained that, currently, the towers carry a total load of 627 MVA which has become woefully inadequate to meet the demands of the capital, but added that the current upgrade when completed, will increase the current capacity to about 3000 MVA.

He said the exercise has become necessary due to the increased demand for power in the capital, but assured the public that it would be managed efficiently to avoid load shedding.

“We are going to manage the exercise in a way that will not call for load shedding. We shall take it one at a time to save us from having to shed load while we carry out the exercise” he stated.

He said the towers that will be changed during the period of the exercise will stretch from Tema through to Achimota to Mallam.

According to Mr. Amuna, the company is also putting up a new sub station in Central Accra near the Graphic Corporation to forestall any power outages in the capital.

“We want to come out with a system such that when you lose power from one source, you have other sources that can supply you such that you don’t go off at all” Mr Amuna emphasized.

by Salim Abubakr