Women are naturally brought up to be warm-hearted and humane people. They are naturally endowed with a motherly tender love but we must say that Honourable Hannah Tetteh is the direct opposite of this. A total disgrace to womanhood and her town folks.

Awutu Senya West have seen no development ever since Honourable Hannah Tetteh came to power. The people are very disappointed that the Foreign Minister cum MP of the Awutu Senya West has become a sleeping and blunt tool in the constituency. Is it not surprising that as a Minister cum MP, she has done virtually nothing in her constituency?

The damaged road network alone in the constituency is enough to show their disappointment. Even the road that leads to her very Hometown, Obrachire, lies muddy and waterlogged.

It is a very disappointing that as a Minister cum MP, she hasn't initiated any development in her constituency. Upon all her failures, she still has gathered courage to erect a Bill board in Bawjiase touting unseen projects in her constituency to the extent that she put a picture of the muddy untarred road on the board; such a disgrace.

As women as we are, we must say that she is a big disgrace to womanhood and her town folks and we call on the people of Awutu Senya West, especially the youth to vote against such an inhumane, incompetent leader so that Nenyi George Andoh, a man with great qualities who has shown his competence in his working relationship with people and companies will be voted for as well as Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to bring a complete positive change to the constituency.

Mercedes Asamani
0263640914 / 0555386024

Balkisu Abdulai