Hug Day is one of build-up days to Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on February 12. Valentine’s week is the week leading up to Valentine’s Day where each day is been attributed some ‘romantic’ symbolism. The various days celebrated during the Valentine’s week are-- Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally, Valentine’s Day.

Hug day is the sixth day and it falls between Promise Day and Kiss Day. After that comes Valentine’s Day, the big finish on February 14.
Here are some messages, pictures, cards or GIFS you can send to your partner whom you are romantically interested in or committed to. You can share these on text, Whatsapp or print it out for a handwritten card or note and personalise your love letter. They might consider it a grand gesture if you put it up as your status on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you are active on. Check with them if they’re comfortable with such a public announcement of affection though. Hug Day Wishes and Messages Your embrace feels like magic and I can’t wait to be with you! Happy Hug Day!
You are my sweet little huggy buggy! Happy Hug Day!
Your arms are my home, I can’t wait to be in your arms! Happy Hug Day!
You are my cutie pie huggy baby! Happy Hug Day!
I can’t think of a more beautiful way to show my affection and adoration than a simple yet poignant hug. Happy Hug Day.
I wish to be stuck in your arms forever. Happy Hug Day!
If you love me you will never hug anyone else. Happy Hug Day!
A hug can say so muh silently. I can't wait for your next hug. Happy Hug Day!
We hug every day, but let’s make it special today! Happy Hug Day!
Give me three hundred and sixty five hugs today, just in case we miss a hug any day this year. Happy Hug Day!
Hug me like I’m your teddy bear! Happy Hug Day!
Every day is a beautiful day if I get a hug from you. I love you. Happy Hug Day!
My hugs are reserved for you and you only, for the rest of my life. Happy Hug Day!
Hug me more, kiss me more and love me more, for ever and ever and ever. Happy Hug Day!
Hugs are a silent way of saying I LOVE YOU. Happy hug day. Hug Day Pictures Hug Day Hug Day Hug Day Hug Day Hug Day Cards Hug Day
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