Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha, Founder, and Leader of Heaven's Gate Ministries has questioned the basis on which a female radio presenter at Okay FM testified that he is not impotent.

The preacher expressed his confusion as to why the presenter whom he referred to as Obi Yaa would make such a claim without any evidence.

During an interview on Okay FM, Kumchacha, who was making allegations against gospel musician Diana Asamoah for labeling him as impotent, argued that he is not impotent and suggested the need for a sexual encounter between himself and Diana Asamoah to prove his potency.

The female presenter, who was quick to interject while Kumchacha was speaking, refuted Diana Asamoah's allegations, stating that Kumchacha is not impotent and that his manhood is functioning.

However, Kumchacha remained unconvinced by the presenter's claim and questioned the basis upon which she asserted that his manhood functions properly.

Read excerpts of their conversations below:

Kumchacha: "For Diana Asamoah, you see she wants beef. That is why I am saying that when we want to discuss her issues, we should be allowed to do so without interference. Because the last time she mentioned something about me, she claimed that my manhood is not functioning."

Presenter: "Oh, when did she say that?"

Kumchacha: "she said it, it is on social media. Me sitting here and you tell me that my manhood is not functioning."

Presenter: "Oh, but it is functioning."

Kumchacha: "How? if you claim it is functioning, then it implies you have tested it, how is it functioning."

Presenter: "No, I haven't tested it, but as a strong man like you, how can your manhood not function? You even go for massages, so how can it not function?"

Kumchacha: "So, for her to claim that it is not functioning, she should have given me a match."