1/11Here is how to wash your face the right way!

Here is how to wash your face the right way!

Washing your face might seem like a simple task - put some face wash, rub it and rinse, right? But it is not at all that easy as you think.
Few daily routines are so fixed in our life that we hardly worry about the process. You would be amazed to know that almost everyone goes wrong with their skincare routine.
Following the right way is very essential to retain the glow of our skin and keep it healthy. Making it your habit to clean your face properly can bring a major change and prevent you from a number of skin related problems. You just need to put some time and the right technique. Here are a few steps you need to follow to keep the radiance of your skin intact.

2/11Remove your make-up

Remove your make-up

If you constantly sleep wearing your makeup on, you should stop doing it right away. Falling asleep with your face full of makeup will cause acne and make your skin dull. Your skin needs time to breathe. So, before going to bed make sure you remove your makeup properly. You can use oil-based makeup remover to get rid of it.

3/11Avoid using harsh soaps

Avoid using harsh soaps

Harsh soaps strip away the natural hydration from your skin and will make your skin look dull. Go for gentle cleansers that do not disturb the pH balance of your skin and are made for delicate skin. You can also choose from the wide range of organic products available these days.

4/11Use lukewarm water

Use lukewarm water

Many people wash their face with hot water believing that it will open their pores. But the truth is hot water isn’t friendly for your skin and can damage your skin. Extreme temperature of the water can cause irritation to your skin, so it is advisable to stick to lukewarm water.

5/11Washing the right way

Washing the right way

The right way to clean your face is using your fingertips. Rigorous use of your hands can cause rashes on your face. Gently rub your fingers upward in a circular motion, this will tighten your skin and it will be naturally lifted. Follow the process for one to two minutes. You should also give a miss to the various tool for cleaning like sponges and loofah.

Source: indiatimes.com