It's been months of chilling and watching Netflix all alone ever since the pandemic forced us to stay indoors. Now you're itching to go out for just one night and satisfy your sexual needs. Knowing how to have a one-night stand safely amid a global pandemic isn't something you'd see coming. Whether you're feeling the heat with a dating app cutie or to get it on with a crush, quarantine hookups will hit differently. Hence, we thought of mentioning a few ways that can make your quarantine coitus a little safer.

- Be picky about the partner you choose: Amid the virus concerns, it is suggested to be safer and selective about who you get frisky with. Limit the number of sexual partners you have and hook up only with people you openly communicate with. If you know and trust the person you wish to get intimate with that they've been cautious, you'd likely assume that they're in a lower risk bracket. But know that linking up with someone new can put you both at higher risk for contracting the virus.

- Ask questions to be sure: It's very important to discuss consent and boundaries throughout your hookup with the person you decide to have a sexual encounter with. Have open communication with the person you wish to get intimate with. Ask your partner about their status and risk factors. Have they been wearing masks? Have they been around people who tested positive for the virus? Be very sure what you're getting yourself into before it's too late.

- Have a plan: Dating amid COVID-19 concerns will demand extra preparation. Make sure that the people in your house know that you're stepping out or bringing someone over. Sanitize all surfaces, sex toys and other go-to accessories with disinfectants both before and after you get it on. You'll have to wash your sheets, wipe down tables or surfaces too. You and your partner will have to have a post-sex plan in place as well. If one or both of you test positive or start to show symptoms post the hookup, you need to alert the others around you and close contacts too. Know that any time you are willing to expand your social bubble, you are increasing your risk for COVID-19. It's crucial to monitor yourself for any virus-related symptoms.