Have you been thinking about making a transition from your freelance career to a full-time position? Well, it's not an uncommon situation. Freelancing surely offers you a lot of independence, but the stability of a full-time job can be very alluring. And in these times of the pandemic, very much so. Even when you might be feeling nervous about the whole change, considering a few things will help you make a smooth transition.

Freedom v/s stability As a freelancer, you might know that it offers you a lot of freedom. As your own boss,you have the final say over things. The downside of it, however, is that you won't always have a line up of clients every single month. In such moments, it might seem worth it to give up a little freedom over a more reliable source of income.

When you are freelancing, you don't always know when and where the next paycheck is coming from. And since financial, as well as mental health, are closely linked, your bank account and your mental state can start to suffer. As humans, it's our natural tendency to feel better when our finances are in order, otherwise, stress takes over.

Full-time work can bring along a lot of stability when it comes to having work every month with a consistent income. A recurring paycheck eases out your financial anxiety and you get the satisfaction of working every single day too. Ever since the world has moved into the pandemic, many companies have become more remote-friendly and so, it's easier to find remote jobs.

Feeling ready to have coworkers?

A lot of freelancers don't have daily or direct contact with colleagues. They typically work on an assignment by themselves. They have a main point of contact with the client, but that's about it.

When you transition to a full-time job, you will have to get used to working with other people on a daily basis. The level of collaboration will be higher than you're accustomed to. Your team members will be counting on you for your participation in meetings and on other projects. It's not easy to adjust to a team environment all the time, especially when you've been working alone as a freelancer. But there are surely a lot of benefits. It increases your level of accountability and responsibility and your opportunities for growth also increases.

In addition to that, a good team is always going to be there to benefit you and offer support. Your coworkers will expect you to follow the deadlines, but they will also be valuable resources when you need a hand. Each one has their own skills and so it's very helpful to have a team you can turn to when you are stuck with a task. So a transition from freelancing to a full-time position doesn't sound all that bad.

Source: indiatimes.com