Did you know that the adult bladder can hold up to half a litre of urine before you feel the urge to pee? The sensors in your bladder tell the brain that you need to release your bladder once it reaches its capacity.

When you control your bladder, the sphincters close up tightly to prevent the urine from leaking. While these muscles are adept in doing that, if you do it several times a week, it can weaken your bladder's ability to hold.
These little muscles are great at what they do, until you make them do it consistently for a really long time, say if you're a trucker and you're holding in your pee on long trips several times a week.
But many of us are guilty of holding our pee, which is normal for people with a normal bladder. Whether the bathroom is too far or we can't excuse ourselves from an important presentation, we all have our reasons to hold that pee in.

Ideally you shouldn't be holding in your pee for too long because it can affect your bladder but according to science, a person shows higher cognitive abilities when their bladder is full.

So while you are going red in the face, holding nature's call, people studied in this particular research were assessed on whether they were able to 'assert control over another thing' while holding their pee; surprisingly the people with full bladder were less anxious about their answers and appeared more control over what they were saying.

So if you thought that a full bladder tests your self control, it does. But it also allows you to show cognitive control over your body.

Does that mean you should control our bladder? Holding your bladder can have some serious health effects and holding it depends from person to person.

Source: indiatimes.com