You don’t want to end up buying necessities during your honeymoon trip. Women have the ingrained habit of stocking their handbags every day and as such packing for their honeymoon can do with ease as compared to men.

We have compiled a list to help prospective grooms sail through their adventurous trip with ease.


Driving licenses, passport pictures and make sure to carry all identity proofs you might need.


A pair of jeans or khakis, a jacket, T-shirts and sneaker because you are going on a vacation. Pack a well-tailored suit for dinner but don’t be too dramatic.

You should also be ready for the beach day; add your swimsuit and sunglasses. Most importantly, pick some underwears and extra socks.

  • Electrical gadgets

Power banks, mobile charges, iPods, earphones, laptops and other devices.


Carry your personal care products like your shaving kit and body lotions, the things you use everyday. Don’t forget to pick a first aid box.

  • Credit cards

Try to do cardless transactions most of the times during your honeymoon because it is hassle free, quick and safe.