Jealousy will make you feel all kinds of things. It will make you feel as if nothing is going right in your life and that everyone around you is somehow, much better and more capable than you. Jealousy remains an essential feeling that we encounter sometimes in our lives. While for some, the emotion surfaces a bit too easily, there are others who fail to feel jealous, no matter how hard you try.

You’re wondering how can one not feel jealous ever, right? It’s true. Once you have complete faith in yourself, feeling jealous won’t be a common occurrence. Realising your self-worth is necessary or you’ll be drawn to bigger chunks of negativity gripping your life. People who get jealous easily, face situational problems like inability to deal with difficult circumstances in a calm manner, killing the motivational drive and many more harmful impacts.

Jealousy makes you feel like giving up, in times where it is necessary to succeed. It makes you feel less of a person than you actually are. Your mind begins to critically analyse everything in a very negative sense. You begin doubting the actions of people around you and critic every response or action of theirs. Since childhood, we have been taught to trust and love people around us. Whereas, the actions of jealous people are extremely contrary to what we all have been taught. We should always be happy with what we have been blessed with, and work hard to achieve our goals and ambitions. Jealous people tend to undermine themselves and constantly compare themselves to others.

This feeling itself destroys one’s faith in themselves.

Jealousy will kill your kindness and will slowly diminish your relationships and friendships with others. You’ll notice that you’ve started giving backhanded compliments to people. Instead of admiring and praising others’ beauty and success, you’ll feel jealous and intimidated by them. You will start viewing everything as a competition, in a very unhealthy way. As for friendships, you will start viewing your friends as rivals you need to overthrow, with all means necessary. Trust will be a long-forgotten matter than you have no power over and that will slowly kill all your relationships, even the ones you want to treasure.

As a result, you will start viewing yourself as a person with deflated ego, low self-esteem, trust issues and negative energy. You will also lose the chance of loving yourself. Feeling inadequate about your height, weight, face, the body is common for a person. We all feel insecure about our personality or looks. But jealous people, they absolutely loathe themselves and are in a constant need to attain what others have that they don’t.

We will never be happy if we continue to feel jealous. We will end up feeling miserable and guilty from within all our life. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem issues are add-ons that will only degrade your self-worth further in your life.