Together with IELTS and TOEFL, PTE is one of the most acclaimed English language tests in the world. With its international recognition, it’s important to know its main features first before jumping aboard the preparation stage.

So, here’s how PTE works and how it helps you reach your personal and professional dreams:

  • Objective testing and scoring

PTE follows a computer-based validation of your English skills done through Artificial Intelligence. This means that there is no possibility of biased human intervention as your answers are solely evaluated by a specific algorithm. The score you get is based on what you say―no more, no less. Because of this, PTE is often dubbed as the most unbiased English Exam-Labs test option, which brought it wide popularity among colleges, universities, and even government bodies globally.

  • Convenient test-taking options

PTE is held in over 295 testing centers around the world. Not only that, but you can also schedule your test one day before your preferred date. To top it all, advancedexam scheduling is available every single day for the entire year.

  • Quick and flexible release of the score

With its incredible technology, you can get your PTE result within 48 hours from completing your test.And the best part — you may forward your score to different organizations for free! So as long as your desired school or institution require such information, you have the liberty to share your PTE mark easily.

Your Gateway to Study and Live Abroad

Combining all these remarkable features, no wonder why PTE is renowned by many academic programs and migration applications in the world. To give you an overview, some of the countries that utilize PTE as a means of English proficiency validation are New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Even if you consider English as your first language, there’s still a possibility of you not having the right set of skills needed by your school or your soon-to-be new home country. Therefore, if you are planning to take PTE, whether it’s for academic or personal goals, it’s a must to have a detailed preparation path.

Two Vital Steps to Follow and Significant Test Prep Courses

  • Take a cue from the official PTE prep pathway

Pearson, the organization behind PTE, crafted a competent learning path that provides you with the most recommended online references for effective test preparation. These include out-and-out discussion of the test sections, starting with Speaking and Writing, then Reading, and lastly, Listening.

  • Use the recommended coursebooks

To get reliable information about the test, make sure you use the official materials, particularlythe Official Guide to PTE Academic. This one comes with an all-inclusive breakdown of the topics, along with some sample questions. Another pertinentresource to use is the Practice Test Plus, which offers realistic mock assessments and practical strategies. If you want a more detailed course, avail of the Expert PTE Academic Coursebook or spend extra time comprehending the online study sessions.


All the trusted test prep courses and other materials above are available at the Pearson website, which means you don’t need to do a lot of research. Everything is right within your reach, so maximize your time properly and study diligently. With all this, the success in your PTE is undeniable!