The most important football games of the weekend can have as many as 900 markets or even more in the lineup. Every year bookmakers come up with more and more betting markets that bettors could only dream of before. The truth of the matter is that all well-thought-of bookmakers allow accepting bets on added time in football.

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Every football match has a strictly regulated time limit. In professional football, the game on the field lasts for 90 minutes of regulation time. The match is divided into two halves, each of 45 minutes. The break between the halves is 15 minutes. However, to find out who is the strongest on the pitch, teams have to play overtime.. This rule applies mainly to cup competitions in which the outcome of the match is only a victory for one of the opponents.

In a hard-fought match on the field, when the issue of the winner of the match with the final whistle of the referee remains undecided, all the tensions have to be settled in extra time. As a rule, overtime consists of two parts, each of 15 minutes of playing time with a short break. During the break, the teams switch sides of the field and continue playing again, trying to get the upper hand over the opponent.

Types of bets on added time

  • The exact number of added minutes in a certain half;

  • Total minutes added in the half;

  • Total added minutes total for two halves.

  • The bettor needs to predict the number of minutes added to the first or second half. At first, glance, predicting such an outcome seems very difficult, but in reality, it is not so bad, the main thing is to catch the factors that can affect the amount of added time. Most often one minute is added to the first half and three minutes to the second half, but each match has individual characteristics.

How do you predict the amount of time added?

  • Statistics of the referee. The first thing to look at is the referee statistics. Some referees add an average of 3-4 minutes to a game, while others are limited to 1-2 minutes. These statistics for most major European championships are publicly available, but of course, you have to spend time looking for them.

  • Team lineups. The more rough players in teams that often receive warnings, the more involuntary stoppages in the game will occur, so we can assume that a large amount of time will be added.

  • The referee may stop a game for a while because of a disturbance in the stands or because of smoke bombs thrown by fans. These situations usually occur in principle derbies.
How to bet properly on an extra time in football?

What does extra time technically mean?

Extra time in football is different from added time. If you take the entire game as a whole, the net playing time is always less than the minutes allotted by regulation. During the match, there are always interruptions associated with substitutions, rendering medical assistance to an injured player, with other technical issues not related to the game situation. The match referee shall enter all forced stoppages into the match record adding substituted minutes to the regular time. As a rule, the compensatory time is 1-5 minutes added to the main time limit.

This is the main difference between extra time and added time betwinner apk. The possibility of continuing a match in extra time is provided by the tournament regulations. For example, the presence of extra time is necessarily implied in playoff matches, where there must always be a winner and a loser. The duration of extra time is fixed in the rules and is stipulated in advance.

As in the case of regular match time, the referee may add compensatory minutes to the time allotted for overtime. A football match in a real situation never lasts exactly 90 or 120 minutes. Always minutes are added to the protocol time limit as compensation for playing time.

If during the extra time one of the teams manages to score the first goal against the opponent, taking the lead at the end of the game, the match is over. It will be recorded in the match record if the winning goal is scored in extra time. Such a rule was introduced for a short period and is not working today.


These betting markets are hardly studied by professional bettors, so any winning strategies for them have not yet been developed. Bookmakers put their margin in the markets and get a stable profit because most players bet on these markets thoughtlessly, although there is something to think about.

During extra time, all rules remain in effect. The teams play in the same line-up, taking into account substitutions and penalties made during the match. All facts and events on the field that occurred in overtime shall be entered in the match record.


Is betting on extra times popular?

Yes, betting on extra times is quite popular these days. Bettors can win a tidy sum by making bets on this market.

How many halves does an extra time consist of?

An extra time in football consists of two halves, each is 15 minutes long.