Dirty talking is one of the ways how people express what they want in bed. In fact, people who show signs of sexual communication apprehension or fear of communicating their sexual desires do not enjoy sex as much as those who like to talk about what they like. One of the ways to enjoy sex more is by being comfortable talking with your partner about what you want. Hence, dirty talking really helps if you wish to improve your sex life.

Now, you might want to know how to dirty talk with someone? Well, let us tell you that it doesn't come naturally to everybody. It can get extremely awkward if you're not comfortable throwing around some crass words for body parts or being honest about what you want in bed. But it's surely a skill that you can learn.

If you're wondering how do you dirty talk with someone without sounding silly, we're here to tell you how simple it is to start a dirty conversation. For starters you can say, "I want you to..." or "I love it when you..." Your partner would like to know that their efforts are appreciated. Some people even like it when you mention what exactly you want them to do to you. This makes it rather easier for the first-timers to get things right.

A few words that you should be aware of while you dirty talk with someone are: "come," "bang," "suck," "hard," "wet," "yes," "no," "now," "slower" and "faster". Use these words while describing your desires in bed and you will see how dirty talking can work like a charm for you when you want things started in a jiffy!

So much communication happens virtually now via texting, video calling and social media that it's become too easy for people to start a dirty conversation whenever they wish to. Dirty talking with your partner over texts, also known as sexting can get a little tricky. It's because you can't read any nonverbal cues over a text and so you need to choose your words and emojis quite carefully. Above all, dirty talking is all about being precise. Say what you mean instead of sounding vague and you're set.

Source: indiatimes.com