The season of cozy blankets, warm sweaters and hot chocolate sounds like a perfect romantic set up. Snuggling up together in a blanket with your partner can easily arouse you to get into some action between the sheets. The only problem being, it gets too cold! When it gets cold, the last thing you want to do is take your clothes off.

If the cold weather has been dampening your mood, rethink. Sex tends to warm you up eventually and the cozy snuggle after the session will make you forget the initial cold bite. Moreover, sex during winters is important to raise your intimacy check and also boost up your positive mood and health.

How is winter sex important? This time of the year has high chances of dampening your mood with your partner because of extreme cold. But, the cold, dark days of the winter sets a very moody environment that sex can completely remove. It instantly boosts your mood, giving you summer vibes. You may also feel energized during the lazy, winter season, so that is one reason to opt for winter sex.

Sex releases positive endorphins and oxytocin, that can create feelings of intimacy among couples. Research shows that sex creates antibodies that reduce the risk of catching a cold, plus, creates warmth between you both through the friction of bodies. This increases your level of positive thinking, reducing any signs of depression or anxiety. These hormones help you build a sex-friendly equation in your relationship with your partner.

Having sex during winters is also a great time to burn those extra calories that you have packed up during winters. Sex is an extremely enjoyable way to burn calories and keep yourself fit while keeping your relationship intact. Furthermore, it increases the sexual attraction between you and your partner.

Winters in sex can be amazing and really helpful. Along with its additional health benefits, it is an extra effort to cozy up with your partner.

Things to do for having winter sex

Following a few tips to have sex in winters can only help you in the process. You can keep wearing your socks while having sex. There are chances of fewer orgasms if your toes are cold and so, it really warms your toes up. Including blankets in your sex regime can keep you really warm. Also, go for sex positions that include a lot of hugging and staying really close. The heat will turn up, giving you a summer-ery feeling as well.