Gospel musician Florence Obinim has asserted that she is not bothered about what people say about her husband.

According to the ‘osoro ne yefie’ hitmaker, God gives the final judgment hence she’s not bothered about people's judgment.

I’m never bothered by what people say I don’t allow people’s judgment to be final, I always listen to what God has to say and search for the word. If you look at James 1: 2,3 going it says laugh about your tribulations and always have it in mind that they are troubles on earth” she said

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on Legends show on TVXYZ Florence said; “You are the one saying Obinim has done this and that but what is God also saying yah, what has Florence Obinim also seen, Is not about someone’s lies or judgment that will discourage me because you are not in your house and I also know what the Bible says”

she further advised that whoever you hate could be Gods’ favorite nevertheless, everyone will be judged according to their deeds.

“The second part is I can hear this voice of God and I live with God whoever you hate can be God's favorite. Everyone will be judged according to their deeds on earth”

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