The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper is incensed over how properties were demolished by the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTFCL) over the weekend.

The company demolished properties of its tenants at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra on February 16, 2020, to pave way for the redevelopment of the site.

According to them, the tenants were duly notified.

Kwesi Pratt speaking to this issue expressed outrage at the fact that no apathy was shown in the demolition.

"What is this . . . What is the sense in this, I can't believe this . . . and this is happening in Ghana and we can justify this," outraged Kwesi Pratt said.

He bemoaned that even if the tenants ignored the notification, the properties could have been preserved.


The Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited (GTFC) took tenants and owners of factories situated at the Trade Fair by surprise when it illegally embarked on a demolition exercise backed by “orders from above” to destroy dozens of factories which are worth millions of dollars.

In the dead of the night last Sunday when the owners of these multi-purpose factories were probably sleeping, the authorities of Trade Fair decided to go all-out on a demolition spree.

The exercise which began around 10pm and ended after 12:00am on Monday saw two bulldozers and a team of armed police officers overseeing the destruction of structures and heavy industrial equipment.