A stalwart of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor, has bemoaned the monetization of the party in recent times.

According to the former Defense Minister, he is willing to to quit the NDC for another party should a better alternative emerge on the political scene.

Speaking on UTV, Dr. Kumbuor indicated that the NDC is gradually moving away from its social democratic principles.

He stated: “When I see the level at which NDC has been monetized, then what is the difference between you and any other political party,”

“You look back and you don’t know how many apologies you have to render and to how many people for coming to do exactly what you said you were against and perhaps doing it even brazenly and in a very crude manner.”

The former minister even stopped short of saying some of the sacrifices for the party were in vain.

“When you sit down to see what is going on, you know the question you ask yourself; if you too had died in the course of the revolution, is this what you would have died for?”

Because of these sentiments, Mr. Kunbuor said he would not hesitate to jump the ship the moment a party with sincere socialist ideals emerges.

“If I get a political party that is prepared to implement the ideals that I stood for in terms of social justice and creating a better society, it doesn’t matter the name. Even if the NPP [New Patriotic Party] decides to implement those things and I am convinced that it is implementing it, I can join it [the NPP].”