Socialite, Adrea Owusu, better known as Efia Odo, has made known to her followers that she doesn't chase clout but rather is the clout

According to her, that is why she is always making bold statements many fear making.

Speaking in an interview with MzGee, she told the presenter, “a lot of people are looking for clout and are looking for a gateway, sometimes I might be the gateway. I am the clout; I don’t chase nothing."

The socialite said she stops at nothing to tell the truth. “The truth is so easy it comes naturally, I am confident enough to speak the truth. It’s just who I am. I just have to thank God I guess for the confidence he has given me."

She explained why she calls out social media trolls on her page.

“A lot of people talk behind me behind closed doors, I don’t have their number to approach them. The only way I can see them is on social media. If I have an issue with you. I’m going to address it with you but I’m learning to stop and not pay attention to all that negativity because it’s draining”, she added.

Efia Odo became very popular through social media with her style of dressing which caught the attention of her followers on various social media platforms.

She was ready to jump on anyone who referred to her mode of dressing as indecent or called her a prostitute.

In a previous post shared by the socialite on her Instagram page, she captioned, “enjoy this post for the day, imma be naked tomorrow”.

Currently, she has quite a good number of followers on her Twitter handle where she is very active.