Ghanaian rapper and front line artiste of Uptown Energy Crew, Yaa Pono, has disclosed that his inability to get radio airplay is as a result of him being ‘real’ in his songs.

“As lyrical as I am, I'm so real and I have to write everything down. In most of my songs, being real makes it not being played on radio,” he stressed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hitz FM's Anita Ampomah, Yaa Pono further stated that because he is an intelligent artiste, his fans love his songs and lyrics.

He that added due to his ‘realness’, his titles and lyrics of his songs are often interpreted wrongly on hearing them for the first time.

“When you carefully listen to my lyrics, you might think it's restrictive but it encourages the youth a lot and provides a lot of education regarding the reason to be one and co-exist with one another,” he added.

Yaa Pono has always come under serious criticisms regarding his lyrical content to the effect that some people think he is too explicit; a situation he (Yaa Pono) had explained as being ‘real’.

He is out with his latest single, 'One Roll', a song which he mentioned signifies the need to come together as one people. “First of all, 'One Roll' is not a Ghana-based song. It will cross borders to other parts of the world,” he stated.

Yaa Pono has produced hit songs, including 'Amen', 'The Psalms' mixtape, 'I Dey Feel You Die' and 'Go Harder'.

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