Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso Constituency, Kennedy Kankam, has warned Ghanaians who in the name of politics, openly insult or reign abusive words on leaders and others, not to dare vote for him as he detests people with uncultured behaviours.

Describing those who do that as fools, the NPP MP stated categorically that an abusive person has no right to vote for him.

The MP was reacting to a widely circulated video on social media over a man reigning insults at Akufo-Addo after he was prevented by the president’s bodyguards from participating in a forum where the President will be speaking.

In the viral video, one Solomon Owusu claimed “Macho men from Ghana told me they have been instructed not to allow me to enter the conference hall. I asked why and they were I told them f*** you; you’re in the United States and not in can’t bring that bush life here.”

But reacting to this on an Accra based Neat FM, the MP said Mr. Owusu’s behaviour was uncalled for and quite surprising people were defending his rude attitude.

According to him, instead of his colleague in the opposition party (who was in the studio with him) to condemn what the guy did, he is rather finding ways and means to justify his actions saying the bodyguards shouldn’t have prevented the man from asking the questions knowing very well how disrespectful the guy was.

“Because of political experience you come and sit here and you defend such a thing, and you think that is the way it’s supposed to be? You think that is the way the country should go? Indiscipline, somebody insulting and you’re here defending it.”

Mr Kankam then averred that he can’t stand abusive people because they don’t share the same ideals hence he doesn’t need their vote to be elected as an MP.

“Let’s be very careful, you’re a young guy growing in politics so let’s make politics decent and chart a certain path that will make children know that with politics, foolish things cannot be tolerated every day. We don’t always tolerate foolish things. Fight for a decent vote, don’t go and ask for any stupid vote. Don’t vote for me if you’ll insult and be abusive towards others. I hate indiscipline. If you insult me I’ll shut you off and remove you from the platform. I don’t train vagabonds. I don’t like foolish people’s vote, you cannot insult adults or leaders because of politics,” he added.


Solomon Owusu, few weeks ago created a scene after he was prevented by Akufo-Addo’s bodyguards from a gathering at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Mr. Owusu, had the day before the Rutgers University forum asked the president about the arrest and deportation of Aisha Huang for illegal mining in the country.

Although the president answered his question, Mr. Owusu who looked unsatisfied with the President’s answer booked to attend the next forum to ask Akufo-Addo further questions but was however blocked by the bodyguards from entering the auditorium even though he got approval to attend the forum.