Ghanaian actress Jasmine Jamila Baroudi has confessed that she getting a tattoo triggers her sexual sensitivity.

The actress who is a lover of the body art and has two on different parts of her body stated that she was initially worried about the reaction of her body when she was been inked but researched into it and discovered that it was not unusual.

The beautiful mother of one made the revelation in an interview with Micky Osei Berko on After Hours on TV3 last Friday.

She stated; “I do actually like tattoos. If it wasn’t for my mum, I would have probably covered my whole body with tattoos.”

Asked why she likes tattoos considering the pain that is often associated with getting it, she responded: “The pain yeah, people ask me Jasmine, ‘you have so many tattoos are they not painful?’

“They are extremely painful depending on where you get it. Some are painful some are not. I don’t know if I should say this on TV, but whenever I am having a tattoo, I get orgasms. I was worried; this is out of this world. I read about it and apparently it is natural,” the beautiful actress revealed.