Osei Clinton scored a goal in his first match for the HR-Rent Kozármisleny team. The young player born in Ghana scored the team's first goal in Érd.

The attacker from MTK is fast, strong, plays well and has a feel for the goal. He promises that if he gets the chance, he will give his best on the field.

– Where did you start playing soccer and how did you end up in Hungary?

– I was born in Ghana and I started playing there when I was still a small child. I first played in an association called Great Farcos, then I joined a second league team, Kowa Naso FC. At one of the tournaments, several player observers were outside, and that's how I ended up in Hungary. Although I had several other offers, I finally accepted MTK's.

"Why?" And what was it like to arrive in the Hungarian capital?

"It was obvious that they really wanted me, and the offer was good." From the first day I arrived, I felt at home in the club. Everyone was kind to me, they accepted me, and I lacked nothing, everything was given to me to get in the best shape.

"Now you've come to Kozármisleny, which is a new location." Why did you choose this club?

"I didn't hesitate for a single moment when the opportunity arose." This is a great team that became undefeated in the third division and will now prove itself in the NB II. I am very happy to be a part of this. I see the opportunity to play in Misleny as progress in my career, I have no doubt that I can continue to develop here.

– What did you know about the Misleny team so far, and what is your first impression?

– I played against them twice, and in one of the matches the game went very well, with my two goals we managed to beat them 2-1. It seemed that the team was made up of good players, who were not only individually trained and talented footballers, but also strong as a team. Based on this, I was looking forward to joining them. Based on the past days and weeks, I did not have to be disappointed, I really ended up in a big family, where they accepted me quickly and provided everything for us. I was also able to score a goal in the first training match against Érd, which is a special pleasure. So thanks, I'm fine.

– What do you consider your strength, how can you benefit the team?

- I am fast and strong, I dribble quite well and have a good feel for the goal, I have the ability to score goals. I think that I can help the guard the most with goals and assists, as well as creating goal-threatening situations. I want to further improve my goal sensitivity during the season, so I give my best in every training session and every match and try to stay focused. I expect continuous improvement from myself, and from the team that it can stay in the second league. I can't wait to meet the fans. I promise them that they will see my best form in every match, and I hope they can count on a few goals from me this season.