It seems the scrap dealers in your communities are doing something wrong because young Ghanaian self-acclaimed billionaire Cheddar just opened up about his first source of wealth and it’s shocking.

According to the business mogul and president of the Kwarleyz Group (Wonda World Estates and Petronia City Development), he made a million pounds when he was just 21 years old.

Cheddar, who recently changed his legal name from Nana Kwame Bediako to Freedom Jacob Caesar, revealed on ‘Drive On Joy’ on Thursday (Feb. 6) that he made that money by selling scraps and communication materials.

“By age 21, he had made a million pounds for himself, selling scrap, steel, and telecommunications material while in school at Waltham Forest College,” Joy FM’s Twitter quoted him.

Cheddar, who owns a 7million dollar mansion in California, further revealed that he was able to afford a car, mobile phone and started his business just three weeks into his college.

“I started college and the first three weeks I bought a car, mobile phone and started my business.”

He said the first business he opened in Ghana was a nightclub.

“When I came to Ghana, the first business I opened was a night club.”

He had an advice for all. According to him, it’s better to spend on loved ones now than when they pass away.

“We spend too much money on funerals. We need to honour our loved ones now and not when they die.”

However, Twitter users didn’t believe his claims. Some think something smells fishy about his source of wealth.

“Ah the same aloomi abokyi dey scavenge for ghana here or Gold plated one's dey the UK der?” one curious Twitter user quizzed.

“Nigga was out here selling Excalibur swords and valerian steel,” a GoT fan asked.

“Can’t wait to get rich and tell my struggle story. Then I Dey swim plus crocodiles all to go get fish come sell lol,” another user stated.

This guy had a point. “Like kokomba boys would’ve been billionaires at 12.”

Source: Ghanaweb