The founder of Life Assembly Worship Center, Christian Kwabena Andrews who is popularly called Osofo Kyiri Abosom, has disclosed that he currently charges to dismantle deities for people.

The Ghanaian priest and politician, rose to fame by dismantling deities for people who repented and accepted Christianity but he says previously he did it at a financial cost to himself.

“Initially, I used to pay the people who wanted me to dismantle deities in their homes,” he told Despite Media’s Abeiku Santana on the Atuu personality profile show.

Pushed about how much he paid and why he did so, Osofo Kyiri Abosom said: “I used to dismantle the deity and pay the persons involved 5,000 cedis to start their lives, I used to do that for popularity.

“I wanted people to know that I had particular powers and that was the route that I used, but I don’t do that anymore. Now, I rather take money for the ritual,” he stressed.

He said he would ordinarily take double of what he used to dole out for his services.

Watch his interview below: