Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has berated Brother Sammy once again over what he termed as a shameful means of promoting a gospel event.

Earlier on the United Showbiz hosted by MZGee, Mr. Asamoah-Baidoo chastised Sammy for recruiting a woman shaking her buttocks to promote the gospel singer’s album.

He heavily descended on Sammy while describing his conduct as a sheer display of madness.

A week after the remarks were made, Sammy appeared on the same platform where Arnold was also present as a panelist.

The two came face-to-face with each other and as expected, the atmosphere got tensed and heated when the issue was brought up for discussion.

Sammy bitterly lamented Arnold’s choice of words in his earlier criticisms but the journalist cum entertainment pundit insisted that he still stands by them.

“I am firmly standing by my position. I am not moving. With all my chest, strength, and vigor, I am standing by what I said. I Insulted him, I never did. Rather, I criticized the act," Arnold said, insisting "There is a difference. I said the foolishness is too much, yes I said it, but I did not insult you."

An unapologetic Arnold continued: "I said you are fooling with the gospel too much, the manner in which you are projecting Christ is stupid. In fact, all of you who indulged in that act, all of you who came up with that video, are not correct. I am telling you, it is foolishness."

Arnold further buttressed his points with some biblical examples.

“Solomon wasn’t a fool but a point, he started acting foolish when he brought a lot of women into his life and started dealing with idols. David wasn’t a foolish person but when he went after someone’s wife, that act was a foolish act.”

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