Ghanaian actress and social media personality, Akuapem Poloo, has shared her perspective on the topic of clitoral stimulation and its effects on her body.

In a recent interview with Sammy Kay, Poloo discussed the intense sensitivity and pleasure associated with clitoral stimulation, along with potential health concerns.

She expressed her belief that after engaging in clitoral stimulation, she personally experiences heightened sensitivity, which sometimes leads to an increased frequency of urination throughout the following week.

"To me, when my partner stimulates my clitoral area, I notice that I become more sensitive, and as a result, I tend to urinate more frequently throughout the week. It's just something I've observed," she explained.

While acknowledging the immense pleasure derived from clitoral stimulation, Poloo emphasized the importance of balance and diversity in sexual experiences.

She highlighted that solely relying on clitoral stimulation without engaging in other forms of sexual intimacy, such as involving the man's genitalia, could potentially lead to health issues such as strokes.

Poloo cautioned, "If you exclusively focus on clitoral stimulation without involving the man's genitalia and instead rely on using another woman's body, there is a risk of health problems, including strokes. The intense pleasure can have consequences if not balanced with other forms of sexual intimacy."