He was barely five minutes into his act at the recently held DKB’s Point of View comedy show in Accra when the thunderous boos and jeers from members of the audience drove comedian, Mc Don off stage.

His ‘crime’? His jokes were painfully not funny but  MC Don who thinks otherwise says patrons were impatient and just did not give him a chance to perform.

He has, however, promised to redeem himself soon because he claims to be very humorous and he has a lot to offer Ghanaians.

Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, Mc Don, real name, Mc Don Bless Quarshie  Atitsogbe  said he is on a comedy show in December and will prove to Ghanaians he is indeed got it despite what they think of him.

“DKB has another show in December and I am on it to prove to Ghanaians that they had a wrong impression about me. I am the best comedian in Ghana and all the Gh comedians can attest to it,” he said.

According to him, if DKB knew he was not good, there was no way he would have allowed him to mount his platform.

Asked why he flopped at DKB’s show which had other comedians such as Foster Romanus, Ajeezay, Hogan, Jacinta, O.B, James Brown among others,  Mc Don said his outfit  caused him  his downfall.

Explaining further, he said he believes he over-dressed on the night and the audience were more interested in his outfit especially his shoes than what he had to say.

“I actually got confused  in the middle of my joke when  I heard   shoe… shoe.. shoe.. shoe all over the place. In my mind, I was like what is wrong with my shoes and why should that be the focus. I had to leave the stage because I got disorganised at how the audience were shouting shoe.. shoe.. shoe,” he said.

He told Showbiz one thing he regrets on the night was not capitalising on his shoes to deliver. According to Mc Don who started his comedy career at the University of Ghana in 2010, he would have been the man on the night if he had taken advantage of his shoes and cracked jokes on it.

“Just after I left the stage and I heard my shoe was the centre of attraction on the night, I regretted for not saying anything about it but left the stage because I was confused. Even though almost all the comedians did well on the night I was the much talked about, ” he added.

To Mc Don, although many thought he flopped, he would have succeeded in making everyone laugh if he had landed his jokes.

“You need to follow my jokes carefully before you get what I am talking about and that is because I tell very intelligent jokes. The fact that the GH comedians know I am the best is enough and at the right time, Ghanaians will have a feel of me,” he explained.

About what is currently doing, Mc Don who was the producer of Laugh A Minute on Vaisat 1 TV  and claims brought on DKB, David Oscar  and Foster Romanus revealed that he is back into full time  comedy after taking a break.

source: graphicshowbiz