Judith Streng, a 77-year-old grandmother from Texas, was recently vacationing in Iceland with family when disaster struck and she wound up floating into Icelandic waters aboard a throne-shaped iceberg.

Streng and company were exploring the Jökulsárlón Lagoon, a popular tourist attraction that's riddled with icebergs that have broken off from the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, which is part of the even larger Vatnajökull Glacier.

A screengrab made on July 14, 2017 from a video released by the British Antarctic Survey shows the rift in the Larsen C Ice Shelf, on the Antartic Peninsula, in February 2017. ©
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Things took a downward spiral after Streng spotted a iceberg in the shape of a chaise lounge on the shore of the lagoon and instructed her adult son, Rod, to begin snapping a few pictures for the ‘gram.

"It was shaped like an easy place to sit," Judith recently told ABC News. "You can tell by looking at the shape of it, and I thought, ‘Well, it looks like fun.'"
Fun, indeed.
What followed was documented step-by-step by the ever-vigilant Rod, who managed to see the humor in the incident. In a series of text messages to his 24-year-old daughter Catherine Streng, Rod explained how his mother wound up briefly lost at sea before being rescued.

​In the first image, which is captioned "Iceberg queen," Judith serves a classic smile and pose as she appears to be auditioning for the ever-icy role of the Disney film "Frozen's" Queen Elsa.
And that, folks, was the only throne-room worthy image snapped, thanks to a powerful wave that made an appearance at the photoshoot, casting the royal from her court and into Iceland's cold waters.

The crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier CC0
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"Lost her kingdom when she drifted out to see!" Ron wrote to Catherine. "No joke. A coast guard rescuer had to save her and bring her back to shore!"
The Iceberg Queen was rescued by Randy Lacount, a licensed boat captain from Florida who has professional training in water rescues. "He just happened to be onshore when the whole thing occurred. So he waded out into the roiling water and pulled her off the iceberg as it drifted out to sea, supporting her until they reached the shore," Rod told BuzzFeed News.
On the Twittersphere, netizens have weighed on the incident, largely comparing it to "Frozen."

​Presently, Judith is back home in Texas and doing "just fine," according to her granddaughter, who told BuzzFeed that she "laughed out loud at work" when the texts appeared on her phone.
"That's just so something that would happen to my family," she said.Source: sputniknews.com