Preparation for the IELTS exam is difficult since it demands complete dedication, and to ace the exam, an aspirant ought to know appropriate techniques. Hence, to accelerate your chance of success, you need to invest in one of the best IELTS preparation courses.

Finding the correct resource for IELTS preparation might be challenging because many websites and organisations provide IELTS online coaching.

However, enrolling in a course alone might not help you achieve your desired score in the IELTS exam; you may need the help of a competent person or an IELTS specialist who can identify your mistakes and provide you with tips and tactics to improve your performance and enhance your confidence and test-taking abilities.

Therefore, many organisations and institutes have started providing one-on-one online coaching to their students.

We understand that finding a correct and reliable online coaching program can be challenging. As a result, after meticulous research, we have handpicked some best one-on-one online coaching institutes that can help you ameliorate your test performance

1. has a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted IELTS online coaching platforms. This resource is on the top of our list for numerous reasons. It provides a plethora of free and paid courses to assist you in achieving your desired band score in the IELTS exam. For example, it offers various resources like self-paced video courses, eBooks, webinars, an abundance of learning material, practice tests and one-on-one live learning sessions. Apart from that, it helps students work and enhance their language strategically through a wealth of free learning material on its website, such as tips, tricks, sample questions and answers, information on how to approach different question types, test patterns and topic related vocabulary lessons. Moreover, it provides various customised, one-on-one live learning sessions for the maximum benefit of the students. You can also avail of their free trial class option, during which IELTS experts assess your strengths and weaknesses through a diagnostic test and give feedback depending on your performance.

IELTS Expert Master Program one-on-one live learning sessions

The comprehensive one-on-one live learning Expert Master Program session provided by IELTSMaterial includes tons of learning material, numerous practice tests, option to choose between daily or alternative days classes etc. The sessions conducted by trainers incorporate fun learning exercises, guidance on every skill required to enhance your IELTS exam preparation.

2. Kaplan

Kaplan is another famous online platform for IELTS preparation amongst IELTS aspirants. It provides diverse courses, including live online plans, recorded coaching plans, and self-paced eBooks. In addition, it offers video sessions, flashcards, practice tests, and study materials. Moreover, it also provides access to various class sessions to its students to ameliorate their test-taking skills. Besides that, it also offers a wide range of study material along with each course, which includes various tips, tricks and strategies and sample IELTS Writing answers. Kaplan is currently operational in more than 36 countries, and its coaching is spread across 150 other courses in addition to IELTS such as SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, BAR and many more.

IELTS Live Online Preparation Course

A team of IELTS specialists leads Kaplan's IELTS classes. The live online preparation course conducted by its top experts includes 18 hours of live one-on-one sessions with IELTS experts, 4 full-length practice tests, and advice for all four sections of the exam - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - to help students improve their test-taking performance.

  • Udemy 

Udemy is widely regarded as one of the top online coaching institutes for IELTS preparation. It is the most trusted name amongst students for the preparation of various competitive exams. It provides 155k courses on various subjects apart from IELTS. Also, it assists students in preparation for numerous tests through its free blog feature. Its top-rated IELTS specialists teach the IELTS courses offered by Udemy. Each course offers 160 hours of content and 20+ hours of exercise covering all four components of the IELTS exam: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. Besides that, it also conducts free monthly live group sessions for its students to improve their IELTS Speaking and Listening skills.

IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

Keino Campbell, Udemy's top-rated instructor, leads this course. This course incorporates more than 20 practice tests, over 160 hours of study material and 5+ hours of one-on-one live interactive sessions to help students enhance their test performance and achieve the highest possible band scores. Furthermore, it also provides 157+ downloadable resources along with the course.

4. British Council 

British Council is a leading name when it comes to online preparation for the IELTS exam. This institute holds a legacy of more than 75 years in the educational industry and is currently functional in more than 100 countries worldwide. It offers a plethora of free and paid resources to IELTS aspirants to enhance their learning experience. British Council on its website provides a wide range of free practice tests, conducts IELTS preparation webinars, tips, video lessons for students to get familiar with the test format and various IELTS preparation courses. The website is updated with the latest IELTS-related information, time-to-time.


The IELTS Coach program by British Council aims to provide 12 hours of live one-on-one interactive sessions to improve students' weaknesses. Moreover, it focuses on providing adaptive learning strategies to push students' ability, helping them realise their full potential for the IELTS exam. It also includes more than 30 hours of self-study material covering all four portions of the IELTS exam, including vocabulary, methods, and tactics. The average batch size of this course is around 20 students.


IELTSEDGE is one of the oldest IELTS online coaching institutes with 10+ years of experience. It offers various personalised study plans to IELTS aspirants. Its courses are curated by its top IELTS experts, who assist students in scoring a band score of 7 or above. It operates on a customised learning software where IELTS professionals track its students' performance and provide feedback via calls to help them improve their scores. The courses offered by this website include a wide range of practice tests, live one-on-one sessions and basic English grooming lessons. Apart from that, students can also access their free resource area, which includes live online webinars, downloadable eBooks and topic related video lessons and many more.

Complete IELTS course

The complete IELTS live learning course offered by IELTSEDGE includes 20+ hours of live learning sessions to improve their students speaking skills, 4+ full-length practice tests, learning material on all 4 sections of the IELTS exam and personalised, detailed feedback on each student's test performance.