Sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has implied that when a man ends a relationship with a woman whom he was having sexual relations with, none of them have the right to say that they have been used and dumped by the other party, or have been used and dumped.

In an interview with Adwen, the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen, she stated that whatever sexual intercourse happened in the relationship was of mutual consent and pleasure, hence women should not give men the authority to say they have been used and dumped because of sex.

Either way, women should also not say that a man has used and dumped them. Dzifa opined that if a man can says he used and dumped the lady, she can also say same. “You had sex with me, I also had sex with you. That is not being used”, she said.

Explaining what exactly being used means, she noted, “Being used is the situation where she has been through and done a lot for you, and then you dump her. That is when we can say you have used a woman”.

According to her, women complain more of being used and dumped and it is only facts because women easily stoop below their level to be with a man they love. Men on the other hand, hardly do so.