Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress, has disclosed her closure to God despite her lifestyle, indicating how spiritual she is and does not joke with her fasting and prayers.

The actress has gained attention as a result of the kind of outfits she wears which includes dresses that reveals some parts of her body.

Her lifestyle and style of dressing have received several backlashes from some Ghanaians who see it as obscene while others see nothing wrong with that.

An interview with television host, Sika Osei, which was posted by Gh Kwaku on Instagram, revealed that despite her lifestyle, she is very spiritual and does not joke with her prayers and fasting.

When asked by the host if she was born again, the socialite answered by saying that it is something she wishes to do and is therefore preparing herself for that.

“I am working towards that part but I haven’t reached there yet. I am still working through but I am highly spiritual; I don’t play with my fasting, I don’t play with my worship, I don’t play with my prayers. If anything, if I don’t go to church, I don’t joke with my fasting and prayers”, she said.

Efia Odo also disclosed in the interview that she has the light of God in her and a lot of people in the country do not exhibit such character.

“The light that is in me is the light of God and I don’t see that light in many people out here and I like I said, the negative energy is just too much”, she added.

Watch the video below: