President John Mahama has said he has been a “patient, humble and tolerant” leader who will not change to be somebody else and, thus, Ghanaians must vote for him for a second and final four-year term.

Speaking on Radio Upper West on Saturday, Mr Mahama, who is the governing National Democratic Congress’ presidential candidate for this year’s elections, said: “I have been a humble leader, a very patient leader, a tolerant leader.

“I believe that these are talented traits that God gave me. I will not change and be anybody else. I’ll continue to lead Ghana with dignity and continue to bring Ghana the respect and honour that it deserves and I want to thank the people of Ghana for giving me the opportunity to serve for another four years. The decision is in their hands.”

Mr Mahama, who is campaigning in the Upper West Region, urged Ghanaians to “have confidence and belief in our country and believe that this country is moving forward”.

He said Ghana was on the move and that momentum must not be disrupted. “… When you apply force to a ball, it starts to roll and as it starts to roll it gathers momentum and as it gathers momentum, it rolls faster. Ghana is on the roll and we must believe that that rolling ball will gather more momentum to make life even better for us,” he said.

“I’m committed to serving my nation with integrity and sincerity. I believe that all of us were created equal and that this government must be for everybody even the most vulnerable and the lowest of our people, and that’s why I’ll continue to invest the fruit of growth in social protection programmes so that we are able to make even the lowest of our people enjoy a decent and dignified life.”

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