Ghanaian actor, Fiifi Coleman has said that he is tired of discussing the rots at the National Theatre following the bad state of the auditorium.

According to the actor, he has consistently advocated for the privatization of the National Theatre to help fix the problems, but his suggestion had gone unheeded.

He disclosed that the carpets at the theatre have been engulfed with filth while the building leaks seriously whenever it rains.

Speaking in an interview with Peace FM on Saturday, September 16, 2023, Fiifi Coleman fumed at the state of the National Theatre and bemoaned why authorities refuse to accept individuals who are willing to support in solving the challenges.

“I decided not to talk about their issues because I've said it several times but they [National Theatre authorities] don’t mind me. I can't just give up that they are not heeding my suggestions. Whenever it rains the place leaks. The first suggestion I made they said because it’s a state enterprise we can't privatize it, that’s not how it works.

“But then my question is, why has there been interest from individuals saying that give me the contracts of, I will fix the air conditions here and get a portion of the revenue generated from rent? Have you seen the red carpet at the theatre, ask when was the last time it was washed or swept. The red color of the carpet has now turned brownish,” he fumed.

Fiifi Coleman called on the authorities of the National Theatre to allow individuals who want to assist in solving the problem to do so to salvage it from deteriorating.

“I can tell you on authority that there have been discussions about people who want to come and help with the provision of equipment or whatever it is. But the only way the person can get his investment back is to be in a contract with the authorities and specify the amount allocated to the individual depending on the programs held there.

“If the government cannot do it to bring income to the economy and some individuals are interested