They have started showing their true colours after one year honey moon for the NPP and pretending to be neutral.

Civil society groups and so called tink tanks have become spokesperson's for government just as the have always done when Npp was in opposition.

Yesterday on Good evening Ghana, Paul Adom Okyere didn't hide his political allegiance which led to his appointment as a member of the board of NCA.

*Today Ghana has been sold on a silver plater and Christian council and Catholic Bishop Conference have joined Dr Mensah Otabil to watch animals on TV.*

Ghana is quite because Npp is in power. As I always say on the judgement day, God is the one who will sit on the judgment seat and not Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Reverends and others.

I Was shocked Franklin Cudjoe called Koku Anyidoho a crazyman on his Facebook page.

Where was Franklin Cudjoe when Kennedy Agyapong asked Akan's to kill Ewes and Gas?

Koku has his right to freely express himself and that was exactly what he did.

But the most disturbing is how civil society and people we consider as influential like IMANI's Franklin Cudjoe are quick in condemning wrong from NDC government and can't do same for another government.

*I wonder how the risk associated with hosting the GITMO 2 (friends of the terrorists) could be more higher than hosting a US millitary (enemies of the terrorists) base in Ghana*

Franklin of IMANI should continue his hypocrisy and his cup will soon be full.

He has demonstrated his hatred for our Deputy General Secretary and the NDC..

If it were NDC who had hurriedly passed the bill that sold Ghana for $20m, Franklin Cudjoe would've started moving and jumping from one media house to the other with his so called research findings.

*Calling Our Deputy General Secretary a "crazy" person is an insult on the NDC as a party and we demand an unreserved apology from Franklin Cudjoe before we make the world hear what IMANI is made up of in Ghana.*

The bias nature of the leadership of IMANI made them dropped heavily in the rating of think tanks in Africa last year.

*God is still God and not our clergies or politically motivated think tanks.*

2020 is possible but it's just a matter.

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*