Former Lands Minister says the audiovisual monitoring device found in his former office was not activated to transmit any information.

Inusah Fuseini said the expert who advised him to install the device for his own personal security could not finish the process to transmit any information.

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Top Story on Joy FM Tuesday, he said, “I thought to all intents and purposes that it was a white elephant and had nothing to monitor my successor.”

Inusah Fuseini revealed that a recording device found in the office this week was a gift to him.

He said a private citizen working with a private security company presented the equipment to him at a time concerns were raised about his personal security in the wake of his fight against illegal mining.

Current Lands and Natural Resources Minister, John Peter Amewu found the audiovisual recording device placed behind the Coat of Arms hung in the office.

Former Lands and Natural Resources Minister Nii Osah Mills who took over from Inusah Fuseini and spent two and half years in office have expressed dismay following the revelations.

He could not believe all his days and nights n office was under the watch of a secret camera.

It is a feeling made worse by the confession by his predecessor, Inusah Fuseini that he planted the device while he occupied the office.

“Let me take the opportunity to apologise to my successor as it was never intended and nobody speed or prowled on the office when I left office," Mr Fuseini apologised

He said because it was not working, that was why security agencies who went to ‘sweep’ the office the first time they did not get any transmission signals.
The office was ‘swept twice which he emphasised goes to show there was nothing untoward done.

However, the Minority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu said a member of a group which met with Mr Amewu received signals on his phone which prompted him to alert the Minister.

He said the incident could happen to any Minister of the state adding he has taken caution by inviting security experts to ‘sweep’ his offices for bugs.

"I feel naked," he complained to Joy News' Raymond Acquah, Tuesday.

According to him, the Minister of National Security who is in charge of ensuring that there are no bugs in the offices of Ministers of the state is taking steps to do that.

“If indeed it is true it is predicated on open conscience, why did he not inform the one who succeeded him, the Majority Leader queried.

But Mr Fuseini said his clear conscience made him confess to putting the non-activated device in the office after the issue became public.

“If I had kept quiet it would take a lot of time before the security agencies can discover that I put it there.

“The device was in furtherance of protecting my own personal security in view of the implementation of policies that had to deal with raiding small scale mining sector of illegalities.

"That device has no capability and I am prepared to work with the National Security in detecting that and I feel it is my civic responsibility to disclose this," he said.

He further explained that the device was not activated because there were some additional components to be installed for the device to work but he never made time for that to be done.

Commenting on the issue, a technical expert and CEO of Security Warehouse Limited, Adams Bonah said the device could have been operated on the blind side of the former Minister adding it could have also been remotely activated with a little button.