Former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini has promised to submit himself to National Security probe over the planted secret audiovisual device in his former office.

The Tamale Central Lawmaker, who admits he installed the device, indicates that it was meant to enhance his personal security but was not activated prior to his exit from the ministry.

He said he disclosed that on exiting office, he forgot about it and told his predecessors who appear worried that there is no cause for alarm since the device never worked for a day.

The secret audiovisual recording device was found in the office of the current Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr John Peter Amewu during a screening exercise at the office by National Security operatives.

It was planted in a huge coat of arms plague hanged at the far left end corner of the minister’s office.

The device has a camera, a storage unit and another believed to be a transmitter. The highly sensitive device which can even pick whisper 35-feet away is neatly housed in a black metal box and uses battery and is currently being investigated by the National Security.

Mr John Peter Amewu who expressed surprise about the presence of the device in his office said “It’s quite surprising. The device was discovered during a screening process and it is quite surprising such a device could be planted in the office. The offices of the ministers are expected to be screened from time to time as part of security arrangements and it was one of such exercises this was found. The kind of jobs we do regarding security concerns we have to do some of these things occasionally but I would not know who planted it there”.

“The office is a public one and others have access to it. I am not worried about whatever information has gone out because it is a public office. We are however trying to put necessary security appliances in place to check a similar thing in the future. It is possible it was there before I came to the office”, he disclosed.