Israeli Ambassador Ami Mehl has urged Ghanaian businessmen to invest in the country rather than going outside to invest. “I don’t understand Ghanaian businessmen who travel to go do business outside of Ghana,” he said.

Ambassador Mehl believes there is enough potential, resource and support for every Ghanaian business to thrive instead of relying on outsiders for support.

Speaking on TV3’s New Day on Thursday, November 10, the Israeli Ambassador urged Ghanaian businessmen to believe in themselves and strive to find lasting solutions to their challenges. “Seriously I see a good future in Ghana.

I believe Ghanaians will have a good and better life investing here and working here,” he said According to him, “as a representative of Israel, I will be happy to see Ghanaians invest in Israel but I believe the priority should be in Ghana so the economy can work in a better way.”

The mutual trade returns between Ghana and Israel currently stands at $40 million and is expected to increase to between $150 million and $200 million by 2018. Ambassador Ami Mehl said Israelis are ready to share their knowledge and experiences with Ghanaians, especially in the areas of technology transfer.

“Israel has a high level of technological advancement and we are ready to share with Ghana in the areas of agriculture, technology, space among others.”