Honestly, things are going down in the Twitter DMs.

Khadijah and her lover, Ramadan are set to tie the knot soon. The beautiful #RandKLoveStory couple met on twitter. Khadijah had posted a selfie of herself on her page, Ramadan saw it and immediately sent a message.

Their conversation started right in the DM before they proceeded to share their contacts. After a time of friendship and getting to know each other, they are tying the knot.

How We Met
By the bride, Khadijah

I posted an Eid selfie on twitter (for the first and last time lol). It’s funny because I took down the picture in less than 5 minutes because I immediately felt a little self-conscious (so unlike me 😂).

But apparently, that was enough time for him to see the picture and send me a DM saying “ Eid Mubarak”. For the next few days, I had the most interesting and easy-going conversation I’ve ever had, he was just so easy to chat with.

We eventually upgraded to WhatsApp and continued chatting for a month because he wasn’t in the country. Finally, a month later we met and had our first date on my birthday (totally unplanned).

I remember our first meeting clearly because I’ve never felt that comfortable with someone I was meeting for the first time before (he felt like home). We spent the next month exploring Abuja restaurants and it was magical 💖.

He then left to start his masters in the UAE and I went back to England. After 3 months of attempting long-distance, he gave me the biggest surprise of our relationship, he left his masters in Dubai and started afresh in a university 20 miles away from mine.

At that point I knew, actually, we both knew we were stuck with each other. Three years later he was done with masters and working in Nigeria, he surprised me in England on my birthday ( we love my Birthday). He proposed 2 days later and now a year later we’re getting married.


Couple: @randklovestory
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