BY: Godwin Ako Gunn

I haven't felt this weak before, struggling with words to make sense to myself and hope to make even more sense to other lovers of the party. We have allowed confusion in our homes.

Let me humbly recount some of the things that caused our defeat in the year 2000.

Rawlings was accused of having huge money in his Bank accounts. Mrs Kunadu Agyemam Rawlings, the then first lady was also accused of having jewellery shops doted around the world with the biggest in Switzerland. The first family had a jacuzzi costing four million cedis amongst others. Pure Lies and prettiness but People bought into it and we lost that elections.

The year 2016 wasn't any different. After an excellent performance by the Mills and later Mahama administration, the people of Ghana didn't look at performance, but were rather interested in falsehood such as JM employing his family and friends, JM owning hotels in Dubai , DKM belonging to JM etc . The most annoying one was JM receiving a Ford bribe from a contractor.

When people target gullible minds, it will surprise you the tales they believe. If John Mahama was accused of sharing brand new V8s to chiefs, how can that same person take a bribe of a lower grade and a slightly used vehicle ? That should tell you how reasoning can be manipulated when emotions are high .

With all these, becareful when someone is accusing your leaders wrongly !!!

I have said before and will repeat, the image we need to preserve and present to the people of Ghana in 2024 will be the flagbearer, the members of parliament, parliamentary candidates and party executives. Any dent, on the credibility of these leaders may cause us greatly 3 years to come .

If it is true that anything that goes around comes around, then 8 years is almost coming around and we shouldn't be believing palpable lies against ourselves.

Irrespective of where you stand, you are better off on the side of the NDC. Those fighting battles they know nothing about, take a minute and ask yourself if you are destroying the party or making it attractive.

For our grassroots, never think for a day that any of your executives, members of parliament or former appointees are better of today than he or she will be if we come to power. Even the sea still receives rain water and water from the lakes and lagoons.

Let's get our focus right and contribute to only positive things that will build this party. Ask questions if you may, but don't carry a cross you know nothing about, please protect your neck.

However hot it will get, it will cool at a point, where will you be standing when you have made too many enemies. The NPP are happy we have pressed an internal attacking button. They are enjoying a break and unfortunately for me, I am here with pain in my heart and can't even sleep .

See what is happening in our nation today, fuel increment, shortage and smuggling of fertilisers, food production at it's all time low, E blocks left and abandoned, Ofori Attah awarding business deals to himself and the people who have misappropriated covid funds are in movie rooms in the skies and bathing on us .

If this is a spell cast on us , let's wake up to reality because the people of Ghana are looking up to us for better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun