Racism is a thorny issue that has plagued world football with authorities in the game doing very little and only paying lip service to the canker.

On countless occasions players of colour the world over have been the subject of vile racist abuse and slurs with little or nothing been done to curtail the mess.

Ghanaian defender Vincent Atinga plies his trade in the Gulf Region for Kuwaiti side Al Shabaab and has revealed in an interview with Kumasi based Akoma FM, that he has been a victim of several racist abuses in his time in the Arab world.

"I have encountered racism before in the Arab region, one player insulted me but me that is not what I'm looking at but after football I have life to live with my family,"he told Akoma FM.

"I have encountered it countless times in the Arab world but that is not my concern

If you insult me as a monkey or anything I don't care all my concern is that it does not affect why I'm there."

The center back says he is not concerned with the racist abuse as his only focus playing football is money.

"All I'm looking at is the money I'm earning If you insult me as a monkey and I will get my money I don't care because at  the end of the day it is not inscribed on my fore head."

"It is really painful but if you let it affect you performance and your contract is terminated you are the loser and that person may be gone."

"With my side if you even insult me I don't care because it does not affect me at all" he added.