Actress/TV host, Efia Odo, has said she has heart her lesson with exposing her relationship on social media.

Few months ago, the sultry actress was all over social media flaunting her then boyfriend Kweku Revloe until the relationship went south late last year.

Efia Odo who recently joined Okay FM hosting the show, Me and You on Fridays, said the only time she will show off her significant other is when the guy puts a ring on it and asked her listeners to take a cue from her experience.

“You people should learn from me, please do not flaunt your partner on social media until you are married to him or her. I am not saying social media is not good but play it safe.

“The thing is that, when you put your things on social media it goes all out so if something goes wrong you cannot go back to withdraw it because it is already out there, you cannot change the story,” she said.

Efia continued, “I also learnt that this part of the world is different from elsewhere, we are in Ghana not in America so some things do not work here. For me, I have learnt my lesson so you should take it from me.”

Rumour had it that, Revloe jilted Efia Odo due to her obsession with social media especially Snapchat.