Ghanaian businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, has denied ever taking or offering a bribe in the course of his business activities in the country.

He said he is a genuine businessman and has conducted his businesses diligently, and must therefore not be accused of fraud.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra on Friday, November 18, he dared anyone who has evidence of him receiving a bribe to provide evidence.

“I am a genuine businessman, I have never taken a bribe before and I have never given bribe. I don’t do that,” he said.

Woyome, a known financier of the incumbent NDC, who is currently being challenged in court to repay some GH¢51 million wrongfully paid to him by the state, said some persons were deliberately trying to frustrate him over the matter.

He further discounted claims that he had been given special favours from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“I have been benevolent enough with a lot of people across board because I don’t think about people on political lines. I am a social democrat and I still believe in it. But I don’t treat people because I am so much of a social democrat. I deal with people on personal level. You can have your personal belief and I have my own, but that should not determine how we live in this country and I have lived beyond that.”

Mr Woyome added that, through his businesses, he has supported many individuals in the country, and has on several occasions promoted the interest of the country on the international scene, citing his past assistance to secure proper accommodation and training grounds for the Black Stars ahead of their first World Cup appearance in 2006.

According to him, many Ghanaians across the political divide have benefited from his generosity.

“Many of you, are beneficiaries of my largess, not today, but from the time I came back to this country in 1999, to almost when I was the Vice honorary consul to Ghana.”

‘I will pay the money’

Mr Woyome reiterated his commitment to pay the said amount back to government.
“I have accepted to pay because it is lawful to do that and we must do it. I am prepared to pay this money but for five years, I have not worked. I have been going to court, sometimes same day, same time, different courts,” he said.

‘Woyome to be orally examined’

Woyome is expected to be orally examined by a former Attorney General, Martin Amidu next week.

This comes after Mr. Amidu was granted an application to orally examine Mr. Woyome over the matter.