According to Yoshino herself, the contents of her bathroom produce no unpleasant odour due to the way she prepared them, and even shared the recipe with her fans.

Shihomi Yoshino, a gravure idol from Japan well known for posting racy photos of herself on social media, has apparently managed to captivate the attention of a significant portion of her online audience via a rather unorthodox stunt, SoraNews24 reports.
Rather than simply enticing her fans with more provocative images, she invited them to take a look at her personal bathroom, where a truly “fishy” sight awaited them.

​She then went on to take part in a “dried fish gravure photo shoot”, apparently even using one of the photos as her new profile picture.

​According to the media outlet, Yoshino herself said it wasn’t simply some kind of publicity stunt as she actually “has a real passion for fish and fishing”.

​And while some netizens wondered how her bathroom might smell because of all the fish stored there, Yoshino explained that it’s not a problem as “she prepared the fish properly beforehand”.

"Completely remove the innards and bloody bits near the spine. I use a toothbrush to scrape away all the unnecessary bits. Then, boil the fish in a litre of water with 150 grams of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, and some herbs (this time I used bay leaf and basil) before leaving it overnight to marinate", she advised.Source: