National Organiser for the National Democratic Congress Mr Joshua Akamba has joined the leadership of the Umbrella party to congratulate  Ghanaian workers on May Day.

He has expressed his profound gratitude to Ghana’s workforce for their immense contribution to nation building, despite Government's "harsh conditions".

He believes their commitment and dedication to serve has not been appreciated enough by the current administration.

"We grateful for your  hardwork despite the hardship brought to you by Nana Addo led Administration," said.

"You have toiled with your blood for this country amid the dreaded Covid-19 but you've not seen any  improvement in your condition due to a wicked Government.

"This heartless Government has subjected you to harsh conditions but your love for mother Ghana reigns supreme.

"We  congratulate you for your dedication to the development of mother Ghana."

May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on 1 May or the first Monday of May, set aside to celebrate Workers.

Mr Akamba also took the  opportunity to thank NDC Professional Forum whose contribution has brought the party so far.

As one of the strong advocators and brain behind their movement, he urged the forum to remain resolute and keep working harder for the party.

"To the NDC Professional Forum, I salute you with great honour on such a day," he said.

"You have rallied behind the umbrella so strong and on a day like this, your name can be mentioned with pride," he said.

You remain the Party's backbone and am proud to be associated with you."

He edged them to continue their good work and support for the party and the nation.
He pledged to be there for them always,support them and ensure all their programs and strategies brings Victory to the party come 2024.
Joshua Akamba encouraged  Ghanaians to keep faith with Ndc and John Mahama for such grou