Wife of K.P Boateng Melissa Satta has incurred the wrath of social media users with some nonchalant photos asking where her next trip will be in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the wake of the pandemic were Italy is in a lock-down and in a national crisis the pictures posted on photo sharing site Instagram have been deemed disrespectful.

Many social media users were of the opinion that this is no time for jokes or to show off as the nation is in crisis with thousands of people dying from the coronavirus while others are in the hospital.

Indeed in one of her photographs, the showgirl showed herself without respect because she put a photograph that made people very angry.

In such a delicate moment for Italy due to the Coronavirus, Mrs. Boateng is in Istanbul and was heavily lambasted by social media users.

In fact, in a photograph, days ago, she had shown herself while she was out and about while sunbathing, in Turkey.

In short, all she portrayed was as if she  were above contracting the disease, and this clearly did not please people.

She has been posting these fancy photos on Instagram with a sense of nonchalance and show off but with this it appears she went too far.

The wife of Kevin Prince Boateng, forgot to remove the cruise magazines that was displayed on the table.

She was displaying pictures of her next trip in these trying times and many people did not take kind to her at all.

In fact, immediately after the photograph was posted with a description, numerous negative comments immediately arrived.

In this period she could certainly avoid being photographed with cruise magazines.

Also, to feel good and calm, people need reassurance and everyone from the entertainment world is trying to be close to others while on the other hand, she is certainly not doing well.

In short, in these hours before posting certain contents it would be appropriate to put in a little perspective instead of trying to make news at all cost


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